How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

Jodi Wert, Co-Owner at Ridge Christmas Tree Farm, takes us through some helpful tips on selecting your perfect Christmas Tree this holiday season.

Did you know that Pennsylvania is the fourth largest Christmas tree producer in the country? Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect tree:

  • Make sure your tree measures up! Before leaving home, measure both the height of your ceiling and the height of your Christmas tree stand to avoid getting a tree that’s too tall.
  • Know what you want. Each tree species is a little different. To find the best Christmas tree for your family, you need to match it to the needs of your household. If you have small children, you might lean toward pines or firs with soft needles instead of spruce trees, which have sharp needles.
  • Check the tree's freshness. Bend a needle in half with your fingers. Fresh firs should snap, while fresh pines bend and should not break.
  • Look for a tree with even coloration. Some types of Christmas trees will go from deep, rich green to a dull gray-green if they get too dried out.
  • Test that the needles are secure. To find the Christmas tree that will last the longest, gently grab the inside of a branch and pull your hand toward you. The needles should stay on the tree. If a few needles fall off, it should be fine. If lots of needles fall off, keep searching for a different tree.

Most importantly, cherish time with those you love and don’t forget to bring your little helpers!

Merry Christmas!

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